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Visit to Tate Modern

I went to the Tate Modern with the intention to see Andreas Gursky’s exhibition but sadly after being sent around most of the floors of the building someone kindly told me that it was not on anymore, after I asked 4 people that worked there, 2 of whom were at the reception help desk.

On a positive note, it was not a waisted trip as I did see the ‘Void’ by Miroslaw Balk which was rather interesting to see. It was an enormous steel container with a black void. I did expect it to be a lot bigger and darker than it was disappointed by that. This was because it was open at the end where people would walk in and out of and the further you walked inside the more narrow it became. The inside was velvet lining which was very soft to the touch. I am happy that I was there at the time to have the opportunity to be part of the art. I really like installations as they are often interactive art.

I was not able to find this video on youtube but I really like the video so here is the link from the Guardian Website.



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