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Visit to The Photographers’ Gallery

Whenever I’m in central London (which isn’t as often as I would like) I always go The Photographers’ Gallery, even if it is to have a look around at what new photographers are exhibiting. I really should have posted the previous times i visited on this blog. Never mind I will do from now on.

The Photographers’ Gallery named the four shortlisted artists nominated for its annual Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

Anna Fox:

Hampshire race, 2006, from the series Back to the village 1999

Gifts from the cats, from the series Notes from Home, 2000-2003

Zoe Leonard:

Century Photo Centre, 2004/2006, From the Analogue Portfolio1998-2009

Fabric Store, 1999/2006, From the Analogue Portfolio1998-2009

Sophie Ristelhueber:

Eleven blow ups Number 5, 2006

Vulains I, 1989 Instillation View at Joost Declercq Gallery, Ghent, 1989

Donovan Wylie,

Deconstruction of the Maze prison, Northern Island, 2009

The Maze Prison, Sterile, Phase 1, 2003 Northern Island


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