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Review of Pecker

Pecker was released in 1998 directed by John Waters and stars Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci. The film is set in a Baltimore neighborhood where Pecker (Edward Furlong) becomes obsessed with photographing everything around him, from people and objects on the street to the closest people to him, including his family and girlfriend Shelley (Christina Ricci). After having a small exhibition of his photographs in his work place that is a greasy cafe, Pecker gets noticed by a NY Art Dealer that wants to buy a photograph. She later helps him become noticed and he becomes well known and wealthy.

This story of how a young man who has a passion so strong that it is literally his life is very inspiring. Pecker and his eccentric family create great comedy for the audience. The film had many scene changes and there is always plenty going on in each frame to keep the viewers attention. I would like to see this film again even if just to see the images he captured once again but mainly to see the enthusiasm that this one young man has.


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