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Helping a 1st year fashion student

I was asked by a fashion student (Pamandeep Bassi) if I could photograph her model for one of her projects. The theme was super heros so she designed and made a black cape for her model to wear over a purple dress. The images were shot in the evening in Coventry’s dreary, cold and wet city centre. The model was frozen after the 3 and a half hours that we were outside to get the variety of photographs that the fashion student wanted. Pamandeep was very happy with the images and felt they captured what she wanted.

These three raw images are mainly to show the garment and a few different locations that were tried and tested. The fashion student whose work it was was directing the majority of the shoot but I would put my input in when necessary. After an hour into the shoot we would bounce ideas off each other and everything was flowing a bit more smoothly. The rain was a tad annoying but we were prepared with coats and umbrellas so it was not too much of an issue. Pamandeep and I have stayed in touch and will be helping each other out in the near future.

This was my personal favourite of the entire photoshoot.


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