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Isabella Review

The East Asian film society screened Isabella today Directed by Pang Ho-Cheung and stars Chapman To Man-Chat and Isabella Leong. ‘Isabella’ was released in 2006. This local Hong Kong film is shown to us in parts and skips back in time to fill in the parts that the audience missed. I was personally confused by this way of editing and found it hard to keep up with the story line. I finished watching the film not truly knowing what had happened only to have to go home and research the rest of the story myself. I think that moving seats part way through the film in order to read the sub titles a little clearer did not help much either. But that is just my personal distraction. The subtitles were clearly visible over the screen.

Even though the narrative part of the film did not fulfill my desire to watch it again, the cinematography did. The lights and colours in the film were beautiful and for that reason I want to watch it again. The soundtrack was was moving and kept you interested in the film.I think it is a film that needs to be watched alone with no one else munching loudly on popcorn near you.


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