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Response to ‘An artifact that explores the subject of under-represented groups within the media’

For this I want to explore the art of floristry that I feel is under –represented by the media. Very few people know about Floristry and what is required to become a florist. Even my own mother thought it was simple to compose a large hand help bouquet. Many people think that being a florist is an easy job when in fact It is a job that requires manual labour, very long hours, mathematics and of course a creative mindset. You also need the ability to remember and stick to rules even when making a posy for a bridesmaid.

The reason I feel so strongly about this subject is because I used to be a florist and at the time photography was one of my hobbies and I spent an entire year defending my interests against criticism. There is more to floristry that sticking stems in an oasis or a vase just as there is more to photography than a click of a button.

Apart from the Chelsea Flower Show there is not really anything else that shows florists at their true potential and talks about the amazing things that thy can do. But now after thinking about it any form of art is usually dismissed by the majority of people as they think that it is easy and anyone can do it.

I previously had a photography and floristry exhibition that was held in March 2009. This solo exhibition was a great success for many reasons but the one that I will tell you about today is that is showed a variety of people about the Photography and Floristry world and for this I am very happy.

For the future, my aim is to try and promote floristry in a positive light. I can do this by holding another exhibition and posting more about the Art on online forums to produce the positive image of floristry that I’m looking for.


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