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Response to ‘Reflection on the value and discipline of any other extra-curricular activities that you are involved in’

This year I have been a Student Representative for my class. My job involves keeping a steady conversation between the students and myself in the class. They will come to either me or the other Student Representative of the first year photography class. Ollie Sharpe and I discuss any problems they may have in regards to the course or university. I try to encourage positive feedback as well, as a list of complaints will not necessarily be received well at meetings.

I discuss with fellow students and lecturers what is working well and what needs to be improved and then act as a voice for the entire class. By being present at these meetings I learn a little more about the university itself. This role has informed me into how particular courses are structured and how course are organised.

I thoroughly enjoy being a Student Representative as it helps give me a sense of worth and feel like I’m doing something good to help others in the class when I feedback information from the meetings. I also feel that I am helping the course be better structured and better prepared in the future first years. I am very happy that I have taken on this role and will continue to do so next year. I feel it has helped in boosting my confidence with voicing my opinion and sharing others as well as improving my people skills. Listening to other people opinions on the same subject has helped me view photography in a different light; not just seeing my own view of a particular exhibition, photographer or even just one image but also considering that there are other branches to judge.


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