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Fashion Shoot

As a class we were put into groups to produce some fashion images for a garment made by a fashion student. There were five photographers and two fashion students in my group so there was a lot to organise and as we all had different ideas on how we wanted our shoot to look we decided to do our shoots of three different days. We assisted on each shoot by helping set up lighting, carrying equipment and general set up.

I needed more practice with studio lighting and props so i decided to do my shoot in the studio. I had seen photographs of the garment before hand and I really liked the open back and floaty feel to the top so I knew I wanted to have quite a feminine touch to the shoot. The top was originally made to fit a pop art theme but the student had to use black fabric and chose felt which i felt worked really well as it remained its shape on the back but also drapes well at the front.

Here are a few images from the day.

Fashion Designer: Philippa Graham
Model: Grace Murray


One response to “Fashion Shoot

  1. Dean O'Brien November 12, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    As discussed during the crit session I feel that the final image shot from the rear showing the tattoo is the strongest of the set. I think the red shoes really add something to the image as well. Its a little tight at the bottom where the shoes meet the bottom of the image and maybe it might look better with the hair not covering the tattoo.

    The angle where the sitting down shots were taken is a little low as you can see the fixtures beneath the table. Its too distracting. The black and red colour theme worked well but did need separating from the background to make the clothing stand out more.

    With all shoots such as this its all about preparation and obviously using black background against a black top never worked too well (as I’m sure you would agree). Its early days yet though and I think when you do another fashion shoot you will have learnt from this as we all would. I look forward to seeing more of your work though Ellie.

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