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Thoughts and questions on Image and Text

For Assignment 2 I will be writing an essay on Image and Text in the work of Barbara Kruger and Gillian Wearing.

For Assignment 1 I will be looking at image and Text Im Sport Photography.

-I will be looking at the addition of text to an image and if it alters the original thoughts of the viewer and if so how much affect does text add to an image for the viewer?
-Does Text create or destroy an image and if so why and how does text do this?
-I want to find out why photographers use text in their work and why do more artists not do it?
-As the media is such a wide environment I shall look into why newspapers use headlines as well as photos to convey messages and why art based photography is more reluctant to use word depictions in work. I shall look into why image titles can have more of an impact than just an image by itself.
-What difference does it make whether the text is hand written or typed?
-What if the text is added as a collage/ typed (with photoshop for example)/ held up with a sign like Gillian Wearing has done in her Photographs/ hand written (on a Polaroid.) Does it change the impact of the viewing if the text is typed with flowing or rigid text?

I will be looking at Photographers such as Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari and Gillian Wearing.


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