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Photographic Inspirations

Tracy Emin Research

I have noticed that when an art instillation with text or even something generic like a road sign is photographed, it then becomes an Image with Text. I am constantly inspired but Tracy Emin and have been admiring her work for years now. One installation  of the ‘Everyone I have ever slept with 1963 -1995′  was a tent that Emin has appliqued named on of literally everyone who she had shared a bed with, including her unborn foetus’.  The tent was destroyed in May 2004.

As with these images now being the only art form that is left off this instillation, they now are simply an example of Image and Text. As are Emin’s light installations written sentences she wanted to express.

Now that these installations have been photographed they have a different impact on the audience as when they were to be seen in person. These image that we view can now be put into the category of Image and text.


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