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Overall I feel this project has been successful. I chose the theme of Image and Text and now feel I know more about the subject. I know know more about sport photography, how to capture movement, what to photograph in the game/the moment that needs to be caught on film and sport quotations. This project has been difficult for me as I tried many new things such as researching into sport photography, adding appropriate text on to an image and building on my photoshop skills.

I have had a few difficulties with printing as I mentioned before but I have found a way overcome that. That is the reason why there are both A3 prints of my work and A4 prints. The A3 prints are just to show the size I would havw liked to have them at.

The A4 prints are my main final images.

I am pleased with all my final images. My favourite three are the Banksy inspired images. I will defiantly carry on with this idea and take it further in a personal project. I like the playful creativity in my final images. They are very different to what you would think of when one would mention sport photography. That is what i think makes these photographs different. I have incorporated Rugby Union players with urban backdrops and overlaid sport quotations.

I think that I have learnt a lot about my own photography and the way in which I work. Over the time of this project I feel I have managed my time well. I was set back by having the flu but the week extension has enabled me to carry out my final shoots and achieve the images that i wanted.


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