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Professional Experience Breakdown

Rugby Union: I was approached at the beginning of the academic year and asked if I would like to be the photographer for the Coventry University Rugby Union Team. I have been working with them now since October. As I have used a couple images from previous matches I have photographed for team, I am unable to post those days as Professional Experience. But now that that previous project has been completed I can turn a new page and now start to record these days of work as Professional Experience. I have thoughrally enjoyed learning about how to capture the movement and essence of sports photography. I look forward to starting again. I will work with the Rugby Union once a week from the 19th of January un till the 4th May. So in theory that should give me 14 days work experience with photographing sports. (That is if no games are canceled)

Solo Exhibition: I shall have an exhibition to showcase my photographic work in April. The date will be chosen and booked this week or next week. I have had an exhibition in the same hall in East London in March 2009 so I have a rough understanding on how to go about booking the hall, setting up the area and organising where everything shall be exhibited. At the time I was undertaking a full time Floristry course in Canterbury and wanted to show my two creative talents so that exhibition was both Photography and Floristry. This Exhibition will only be a Photography exhibition. I will need to discuss with my lecturer how many days of professional experience planning an exhibition will cover.

Before April I need to:

-Book the Date

-Select the Images I feel best reflect me as a photographer

-Find a Printing bureau in either Coventry or London that can print high quality semi gloss A3 prints. Print, mount on white card and apply in clear glass frameless frames.

-Finish my website and have business cards printed.

-Make posters/Invitations and distribute around Coventry and London.

-Hire a photographer to capture the event and other appropriate people for transport, catering ect.

Assisting Photographers: I already have one of these days under my belt from the last wedding I photographed in December. I had assisted this certain wedding photographer a couple times over the last 2 years. Kevin Storie’s website is being redeveloped but this is his website un till then. The last two events I assisted Kevin Storie on were the weddings of his daughters so for both of those days I had to take over his role and had a lot of responsibility. Here are the photographs taken on that day. By the time it came to the second of his daughters wedding (29th Dec 2010) I knew more about his style of working and felt more confident to produce the images and capture moments that he wanted. I am pleased with the photographs from the day.

So to some up I will try and obtain more days working with this photographer and another photographer, Poetic Photography (as he prefers to be know as) I have met Poetic Photography before for an interview and he has recently asked me to assist him on a shoot soon. I look forward to working with Poetic Photography as I have admired his work since first discovering it about a year ago and talking about his photography with the artist himself is fascinating.


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