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Professional Experience Proposal

For my professional experience I would like to learn more about Documentary photography. So photographing events such as weddings and Rugby games is a good way to go about it. To some up all the strongest work from previeous projects I shall have an exhibition.

For my Professional Experience I shall:

1, Attend and photograph Rugby Union Matches and deliver the images to the chairman, Andrew Forster.

2, Plan and have an exhibition to showcase all my best work.

3, Find as much work as possible Photographing events such as Weddings.

I have had a growing interest in Sports photography and I feel that continuing to photograph for the Rugby Union matches will help me gain the skills I need as a sports photographer. This will be from the 19th January until the 4th May.

I will have an exhibition in April to showcase all my best photographic work. I have chosen to have this in April, as this will give me enough time to plan everything correctly and organise all the aspects of the exhibition to the best I possibly can. I look forward to this experience as I know I will gain much more confidence with my photography and will enable me to communicate my ideas more effectively. The date is not final Yet but the planning and organising will from now until April.

I have had some experience with wedding photography before and have learnt a lot from it. Not skills as a photographer, working with equipment but with people skills. When working with events I have found in the past that the photographer had to be friendly and approachable. On the day of someones wedding it is the photographers job to make sure that everything all important parts of the day are captured on film, as well as the small details. Finding more work with wedding photographers will help me understand the ins and outs of Events Photography.


Strength – Planning for a current project or Event such as an exhibition.

Weakness – I struggle with communicating my ideas in person.

Opportunity – The chance to achieve more and build on my skills as a photographer. This is also the opportunity for other people who do not necessarily have a creative background to see how a photographer works.

Threats – People attending the exhibition who want to abuse the alcohol and do not necessarily want to view my photographic work.



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