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“Negotiation” Response

This weeks private task was to approach a complete stranger or some one who you occasionally say hello to and ask if you could photograph them in a casual environment and to also extract a personal story from them.  I struggled with this at first as I found myself being rejected when trying to politely ask someone if I could photograph them. I tried a few places in Coventry and attempted to approach those who looked like they had some spare time.

In the end I photographed a friend of a friend who I don’t know well and asked if I could photograph them when I bumped into them in the street. They politely said yes and I took a few images whilst talking to them about and trying to discreetly extract a personal story from them.

These are the best images from the small quick shoot.

Whilst photographing Carlo I was casually talking to him to slowly extract a personal story and discovered a few things. One that stood out was when he told me he waxes his arms. So I thought hat would be an appropriate caption for one of the images.


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