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Creative task 3. Nude and Naked (Part 1)

This weeks task was very tricky for me. The task was to make a study of myself and one of someone else so in other words to photograph myself nude and someone else nude. I am yet to find some one who is fine with me photographing them but I will carry on asking. When it came to photographing myself my first thought went to lighting. It had to be low lighting. After attempting a few with low lighting I realised the images just were not good enough so I made a spot light. That way I could highlight areas that I felt were acceptable to be photographed. I felt very strange photographing myself in such an exposed manor. To some up the first attempt I can safely say was un successful. I tried again the next day but with the camera on timer to try and photograph my back but again this was not going well and I needed an assistant. I asked someone close to me if they didn’t mind photographing my nude body from behind. Finally I have at least one photograph that I feel is appropriate to show in class.


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