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Elinor Carucci Task – ‘Creating an Human Narrative’

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When this task was set  the only story that I could have portrayed through images was one that I was feeling at the time. A lot of hurt and anger. But I didn’t know how to convey this through photography as I was not in the best mental state. Now, that one the reasons that I felt like that is starting to sort itself out I am now ready to tell my story.  I have chosen 20 images from many that I took over a period of one day. I feel these are the best for communicating the complicated living situation that i am now faced with. My partner and I are no longer together but have continued to live together un till the end of the academic year. I have not edited the photographs in any way as this would be meddling with the truth of the situation. These images are a small in site into our new relationship.


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