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Final Project Ideas

Out of the tasks I have completed so far, the one I have enjoyed the most has been the nude v’s naked project where I studied someone else’s body. Like most photographers I always prefer to be behind the lens so having to put myself inside the frame made me feel very un easy and thus was not an enjoyable experience. I am happy that I have experienced that though as I know understand more about the human form, the curves and how the light bounces off the body and into the camera to be captured. When I was photographing my own body this was very hard to see and pre visualisation had to come into account. In regards to photographing some one else, the frame is already in front of you and you can take the ideas that you want to capture further.

Some conclusions that I  have come to so far:

  • I would like to study the nude body further.
  • The photographs will be intimate but classy.
  • Experiment a lot with various lighting techniques (I don’t want to limit myself or be narro minded but my first thought is to create slight hatchet lighting as I feel this will help highlight the curvature/muscles/shape of the body.
  • Since the book binding class I have wanted to make another book for my final piece. I have already started collecting the materials needed for this task.

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