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Nude Research

I came across this website of nudes by Pascal Renoux, they are mainly female nudes. I really like Ronouxs nudes as they are all so different. I looked closly at the lighting. A lot of the lighting used appears to be natural lighting from the window. I’ve enjoyed studying the nudes and looking closely at the curves of the body and how the light bounces off the ribs and facial features.

Another website I looked at was Karin Rosenthal. Again whilst looking at the natural lighting and the curvature of the body in relation to the natural forms in the water, they are very similar. The images I have chosen below are the ones that I found most exciting. Last year I made a small series of motion in the water. I had a few various models in my bath with floaty clothing. I like the idea of nudes in the water. Maybe this is something that I can explore in the future. But for now i shall concentrate on the lighting and the curvature of the human form.



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