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Tomorrow (Professional Experience Day 13)

In preparation for my exhibition tomorrow I have been making sure that I have everything ready and packed as it needs to be. All the frames have been individually protected and boxed, little extras such as sticky fixtures have been bagged and cameras have been charged. I am looking forward to presenting my work and having the opportunity to communicate my photographic and artistic ideas with like minded people. I sometimes struggle when it comes to explaining my photographs in a detailed and intellectual way and find myself getting frustrated when I can not do so, I know some of this is down to my dyslexia so I can not be too hard on myself. Still, I know that communicating my ideas is something that I need more practice on and having my solo exhibition will give me that opportunity. I thought of having small gifts to thank all my guests for attending and supporting me would be a nice way to end the evening as they depart. I have individually wrapped around 70 roses and carefully placed a small card onto each one.

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