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Titles for Symposium

I needed to find a title that sums up what I am discussing in my symposium well. It was originally ‘Can the representation of sport be understood as expressive art?’ After presenting my work to my tutor I realised that the title may be a bit missleading. After a talk with my personal tutor the title ‘The roll of documentary photography within sport’ I soon came to the conclution that that is not what my intertion was.

I thought of a few variations.

Can sports photography be nmore than documentary?
Is there more to sports photography than meets the eye?
Using photography as a means to capture sport as art.
Viewing photography as an art form.
Presenting sporting moments as art.
Recording sporting history through the art of photography.
Discovering sports images as art.

I eventually came to a conclution that this will be the title that sums up my work: Can sport be represented as art through the means of photography.


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