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Questions for Jonathan Shaw

I knew that when I started researching the movement within sports photography that I would want to interview Jonathan Shaw. Although his work is very different to mine, I am still interested in why he choses to capture movement in the way he does.

What would you say defines you as a Photographic artist?

What has been the highlight of your carea?

How would you define the term ‘Expressive art’?

Your use of motion blur is very distinctive in a lot of your work, what were you trying to achieve whilst capturing movement in this way?

Where would you draw the line between documentary photography and fine art photography within sports?

Do you believe you can find art within a sports image of say a rugby match, or can a traditional sharp sports image that you find in newspapers and magazines only be documentary?

What has been your most exciting and action-packed photoshoot to date?

How would you describe the importance of your images shown at such large scale?


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