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Photographic Inspirations

Rineke Dijkstra

I discovered Rineke Dijkstra’s work a couple years through the series of ‘New Mothers’ which was taken in 1994. Dijkstra photographed 3 new mothers, one an hour after giving birth, one a day after and one a week after. They are every moving images to view, even though I am not a mother I can still feel the emotion and exhaustion coming through these images.

I have now come across Dijkstra’s photographed bullring fighters straight after they left the bullring.
“The matadors came out covered in blood and exhausted,very similar to the mothers. I didn’t intend to do the men like that—all macho and the women as mothers—it just evolved from the experience.” – Rineke Dijkstra

Bullring Fighters from Vila Franca de Xira and Montemor o Novo, in Portugal.

After brainstorming with various ideas of how to capture different aspects that surround sport I have decided that I will start by photographing rugby players as they finish their game. I will probably concentrate on those that have been injured and perhaps will not be able to go back on to finish the match.


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