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Title: The Emotions of Sport

Description of subject to be investigated: Evolving from a great passion for Sports photography I and am exploring ways in which documentary sports images can be constructed in an artistic way. The portraits enable the viewer to experience the feelings that the subjects face, as they show the emotions of athletes as they have just come out of the match. In their minds they are still in the game and you can read it on their faces. There can be a great contrast between the photograph of a rugby player before the match and immediately after. The emotions captured, the mud stained clothes and body language can change dramatically after a game.

Context: As well as photographing the sport itself and capturing the important events I will also be documenting before the athletes play and after they finish the game or match. I will also including training sessions. The action shots during the game will be focused on Rugby Union and Football whilst the portrait images will focusing on Rugby Union and Boxing and perhaps Tennis. The style in which the portraits will be taken with have been influenced by Rineke Dijkstra’s ‘New Mothers’ and ‘Bullring Fighters’ portraits and Albert Watson’s photograph of Tyson’s neck and August Sander’s boxing portrait has the same centered framing.
Where as Rineke Dijktra’s ‘Bullring Fighters’ portraits show the aftermath of a sporting event I will take this forward and have two contrasting images side by side showing the difference between a player before the game/match and immediately after they have completed. I will be examining the difference between how people look and act before a training session/before they are about to compete and immediately after they are finished.
Some sports will not show a vast difference between the two, for example two images of Snooker player before and after they compete may not show a vast difference. Two images of a football player before and after the game might show a larger visual difference, as they will be hot and perhaps even muddy. They will be exhausted from sprinting and the camera will capture this emotion. As I will be photographing various sports I need to find some consistency to link them all together so this will be the way in which the portraits are shot. I will take a portable backdrop and stand with me on location and use one soft box and a flash gun. This will all be shot digitally. All the equipment I will need to complete this project is available from the Media Loan Shop in Ellen Terry and will be booked in advance to ensure that it is available on the days that I have organised to photograph sporting events. This idea has evolved from previous projects throughout the last year of my degree where I have incorporated sport photography into my work. I will always capture the movement in a competitive game of sports but I know this project will combine my passion for sports photography and the interest of working with people.

Plan/Schedule of work: I have connected a 6 month diary where I have a detailed plan for what I will be doing on what days. I have already started shooting so I have written down the work I have already undertaken.
The portraits should all be captured by the end of March and I have allowed space for 2 additional photo shoots if needs be in April. Contacts have already been established and I am constantly introducing myself and the project to new athletes and managers of sports.
Data gathering will continue to be researched further and this will all be recorded on the wordpress blog. I will carry on with looking at other sports and portrait photographers and the style in which they work in. I will research what others say about
Once the final images have been chosen I will send off to print them on 3 different types of paper to check which colours are more appropriate on what paper. They will be A3 size and I will test the colours on Harman FB Matt, Permajet Warmtone 295 and Double weight Matt. The final prints will be sent to the print Bureau on the 23rd April. This will give me plenty of time to frame and prepare for exhibition.

Audience: The target audience for this body of work will be sports enthusiasts and portrait artists. This project will be produced to be exhibited in galleries. The two exhibitions that have already been planned are one in Coventry, Lancaster Gallery and the other will be in Farringdon, London at the Frameless gallery. This body of work will be made to be presented on white walls in a gallery as to not have any distractions. It would be helpful to have curators attending the exhibition as they may want to exhibit the project in other galleries.
Publishers of sports magazines are also part of my audience. I will contact magazines such as Rugby World and Boxing Monthly and ask them if they would like to view the project when it is finished or perhaps even be involved in the project. I will also promote this project to a wider audience online, this will be done through social networking sights such as Twitter and Facebook and my website ‘www.echimonas.photography.com’ will be updated with the project.

Anticipated Method of Presentation:

Idea 1:
I will be printing 12 final images. They will consist of 3 sets of images (3 different sports) with each set consisting of 1 action shot and 3 portraits. 3 action shot photographs will be printed A2 size and the 3 portraits will be 14 size. They will be displayed in frameless frames. The set of 3 would separate the different sports but the layout would link them all together to show that they are part of the same project.

Example of one set:

Idea 2:
12 images to display as diptychs so again 4 photographs per sport. The portraits of before and after the match/game/fight constrast. I do not yet have any examples of these contrasting shots but this is an example of the layout. They will be printed A3 size.

Scenario A:
If purchased at Snappy Snaps in Leadenhall Market, London the A3 Matt prints will be £18.99 but with 10% student discount will make it £17.09 per print. The set of 12 will be £205.08.
Framing will be frameless frames and they are approximately £5 each so that will be £60. These can be purchased from either Ikea or Dunhalm and Mill.
Travel is approximately £4 for each sporting event. Traveling to London for prints, framing and other possible sporting events will be approximately £100 so this will be £176.00.



Total – £441.08

Scenario B:
If purchased from http://www.photobox.co.uk the 15” x 10” (A3) prints will be £3.05 each as I will be ordering 12 so that will come to £36.60.
Framing will be approximately £30.00 each if purchased from The Art Shop, Wanstead, London. So that would be £360.00
Travel is approximately £4 for each sporting event. Traveling to London for prints, framing and other possible sporting events will be approximately £100 so this will be £176.00.



Total – £572.60

Scenario C:
If purchased from the print Bureau in Graham Sutherland the A3 prints will be £2.81 each. So 12 prints would make it £33.72.
Framing will be frameless frames and they are approximately £5 each so that will be £60. These can be purchased from either Ikea or Dunhalm and Mill.
Travel is approximately £4 for each sporting event. Traveling to London for prints, framing and other possible sporting events will be approximately £100 so this will be £176.00.




Total – £269.72

I have also thought about other alternatives that I could add such as printing either 1 or 3 images on canvas (it could be the action shot for example) This could be purchased from Snappy Snaps in Leadenhall Market. The canvas would be £64.99 so with 10% student discount £57.99 each or £173.97 for 3. If I were to have an additional book to submit with the 12 images this would cost between £25 and £50 which would include post and packaging.
The minimum this project will cost is £296.00 and the maximum amount needed will be £796.57.
I have already saved £400 for this project and will be earning more money before the end of April so I should have no problem covering the costs.

Sample Images: The sample images provided are from Rugby Union and Boxing. The portraits from Rugby Union are the players that were injured and could not continue the game and the images from Boxing are after the training match. There will be many more photo shoots so more photographs will be produced. These images are shown after the bibliography. The Rugby Union photographs were taken with natural light and the Boxing portraits were taken with the available florescent light indoors. I will take portable studio lighting and a backdrop with me on future photo shoots as to keep continuity through the images.

Dijkstra,R Siegel,K (2001) Rineke Dijkstra : Portraits. Ostfildern-Ruit: HatjeCantz

Dijkstra, R (1997) Rineke Dijkstra: Location. London: Photographers Gallery

Parragon (2008) Images of Football. Photographs from the Daily Mail. Atlantic Publishing

Reuters ltd. (2003) The Art of Sport, The Best Reuters Sports Photography

Zimmerman, J (1971) Photographing Sport. London: Thames & Hudson


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