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Sandy Nicholson

I have just ordered Sandy Nicholson’s book ‘2nd: The face of defeat’ and can’t wait to have a read through and see the photographs in detail. I heard about the project a while ago but didn’t know the photographer un till I spoke with Harry Hardie who kindly reminded me. Sandy Nicholson photographed those who came second in a competition.

“I was photographing ballroom dancing and I noticed that the people who came first were photographed and the centre of attention. The ones who came second were crying in a corner and I thought this is something, we should be photographing” – Sandy Nicholson.

This is the cover of ‘2nd: The face of defeat’

“I shot on a background that related to the location. I didn’t want them too detailed as I also shot location photographs but the background had to be solid and have texture.” – Sandy Nicholson

I find this very interesting as a concept as it looks at a different aspect of sport and various competitions. As I am thinking about various ways to keep my portraits consistant. I tried a neutral white and plain black background when photographing the boxers but I prefer the images where you can see the environment they are in. So as I will continue to photograph athletes in various sports the consistency will be the way in which i crop the image and the style in which I shoot. They will all be cropped from the area in which their arms hang and above. The style will be straight up with the athlete looking directly at me.


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