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London Degree Show Meeting

As we had not had a meeting in a while, we decided that it was best for the group to gather yesterday and discuss how far everyone had got with their individual tasks and preparation for the Exhibition in Farringdon. There are 9 of us for this show.

Stacie Walker
Julia Frost
Kayleigh Dolphin
Dorrell Merritt
Chloe Short
Bijash Chauhan
Pete Lord
Emma Bashforth
Elena Chimonas

The exhibition will be in Frameless Gallery and as this is not a huge space we needed to start making a rough plan of where people would want to present their work and if certain pieces needed particular spaces. There are two floors in this gallery and provisionally Stacie, Dorrell, Pete and I will be upstairs and Julia, Chloe, Bijash, Emma and Kayleigh will use the lower ground to present their work.This could all change once we mesure everything up and people may change their mind in where they need to display their work. Downstairs will suite more intimate work as there are a few small alcoves which would be perfect for some of the group.

So far the preferences that will affect where people display their work is as follows:
Julia – Needs a small table to lay the images onto.
Pete – Preferably needs a window or free standing space.
Kayleigh – Somewhere to hang easels from
Chloe – Somewhere to hang Photographs from.

I will contact the university and find out about transporting ourselves and degree show work from Coventry to London and back.

Chloe will make a small model of the gallery so we can see if everyones work works in certain places within the gallery.

Stacie will be in charge of food and drink for the Exhibition.


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