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Title for the project as a whole

When I wrote my proposal for this module I wasn’t too sure on a title but knew this could be altered at a later date. The original title was ‘Emotions of Sport’and over the last couple weeks I have been thinking of a short catchy title that would some up my portraits from various sports. As I am comparing the images of athletes from how they look before a training session/match/game/race to how they appear after, I was thinking along the lines of buzz words to play around with such as Juxtapose, collate, contrast, compare. Or thinking along the lines of the effect on the viewing of the images – Aftermath, Aftereffect.
My images capture that specific moment immediately after an intense physical and emotional exertion.
I will keep thinking and brainstorming ideas but so far I feel ‘Aftermath’ would be the best title for the project as it tells the viewing something about what the project is about but doesn’t give too much away.


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