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Finalising Where to Print the Final Images

After looking at various options of where to print my final images for the exhibition I have decided to go with Snappy Snaps. I shall go into one of their stores and have a look at the frames as well. The other option for framing would be City Arts. As my images will be A3 I should have no problem finding suitable frames. From the beginning I knew I wanted to have a clean, crisp finish to my images and simple frames would be the way to accomplish the look I want to achieve. I also had a look at the option of having my images printed under acrylic glass and this could be made through White Wall. but they would have to be A4 size for them to be affordable in my budget. Although so far I have only paid for transport.

I will send off my small book from Blurb on Friday and hopefully by Saturday I will have all my images ready to start putting the main book together. The second book will be a collaboration of all the best sporting portraits, depending on how many I choose to showcase in the book it may be 10 by 8 or A4 size. Most likely 10 by 8 as I feel this would be more suitable for the amount of photographs in the book. After years of admiring the layout of photography books and especially since starting this project I realised I like books where the main focus is the images and then occasionally plain pages with one simple word printed onto it. Once I start to design the book I will take thought into consideration and see if the layout works as a whole. This book must be sent off by Monday Evening at the latest. All of this should be accomplished in the time frame I have given myself and so far I feel happy with what has been achieved.


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