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Re-writing my project description

I knew I needed to re-write my 100 word project description for the catalogue. After living and breathing this project for the past 3 months I now have a clearer idea of the words to use which best explain what, why and how I have achieved this body of work.

The original:
”Evolving from a great passion for Sports photography I and am exploring ways in which documentary sports images can be constructed in an artistic way. The portraits enable the viewer to experience the feelings that the subjects face, as they show the emotions of athletes as they have just come out of the match. In their minds they are still in the game and you can read it on their faces. There can be a great contrast between the photograph of a rugby player before the match and immediately after. The emotions captured, the mud stained clothes and body language can change dramatically after a game.”

”Evolving from a great passion for Sports photography I and am now exploring the contrast between the emotions of the players pre and post performance. Stepping away from the bigger picture of the game, I want to look deeper at the individuals before and after a competitive event. The portraits invite the viewer to look at sport in a more personal way and experience the feelings that the subjects face. In some of the ‘after’ portraits I have found that the subjects appear to still be present in the game.”

The portrait I have selected to put in the catalogue for the degree show is one from the Syston Rugby Union game. I chose this particular one as the main focus of this image is the injuries on the players face and as the photograph had to be cropped for the catalogue this was a portrait that would not be badly effected by having the bottom quarter cut out. Also for me, it was the biggest contrast from the photograph captured before the game – when I uploaded the images it took me a while to realise it was the same person.


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