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Failed attempts

Over the course of this project there have been some successful responses and there have been others that have not replied or plans that fell through.

*Tennis in Coventry – At the start I thought I could be working with the tennis club in Coventry but their games kept being canceled and then others were not possible for me to attend. This would have been a mixed team of men and women.

*Tennis in Wanstead – When the tennis in coventry seamed less likely to achieve portraits from I contacted a tennis club in East London but sadly did not hear anything else from them after an email saying that someone would get back to me shortly. This would also have been a mixed team of men and women.

*Rugby in Wanstead – I saw an opportunity and went for it. There were a couple of players in a pub and I introduced myself and the project, then gave them my card. No Reply.

*Badminton in North London – This opportunity was through a friend of mine who knows a team in North London. The team did get back to me but by this time it was too late to do any more shoots and I had to concentrate in pulling the project together.This would have been womans team.

I have one email to show. The others were verbal or through text message.

Overall I am still happy with the 3 sports I have worked with and I know trhat I have mad many contacts along the way. This project will defiantly continue after the deadline so they will come in useful.


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