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New Project Title – Journey:Sport:Emotion

The mentors that I had been assigned came to watch the presentations in class today. Both Caroline Malloy and Harry Hardie were very helpful today. The main thing that the mentors and Paul Smith (my lecturer) picked up on the title for the project which was originally ‘Aftermath.’ They said that the title does not suit the project as it was about the journey that the athletes go through from beginning to end. After I thought about the individual titles for my diptychs I started to play around with the idea of a journey as aposed to my original thought wave of concentrating on the affect on the second image of the athlete. Thinking along the lines of the emotion that the individual goes through within the sporting event I eventually came to a conclusion. As my titles for the diptychs are for example 00:00:00 (before) and 01:57:31 (after) the final title for the project is Journey:Sport:Emotion


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