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Working out the Timings

For a while now I’ve been thinking about titles for my portraits. After the motor sport weekend at Silverstone I thought about titles those dyptychs with the individuals fastest lap, for the Boxers it could be how long they spent in the ring and for theRugby Players could be how many trys scored for example. I later realised that this wouldn’t work as some of the Rugby diptychs could potentially be called ‘0’ I needed something suitable to tie in all the sports together but still liked the idea of using numbers as titles.
After presenting to my mentors I realised that the word in my mind that had been missing was ‘Journey’ and that my portraits show the journey the individual goes through from start to finish. So a way to tie the different sports together would be so that every ‘Before Image’ would be titled 00:00:00 and every ‘After Image’ would be titled with the amount of time after the first image was taken. For example if the the 80 minute game of Rugby had 15 minuets for half time plus 20 minuets extra time (this game in particular) plus the 2 minute team talk would be 117 minuets then that would be 01:57:00. The seconds I took from the camera. Thats why the images appear in the order they do in the book.

I managed to get a copy of the result sheets from the two races. I used this to work out the timings for each diptych. I added on the time it took them to line up for the race + the race time + time getting back and time for me to reach them.

With the boxers, I photographed them when they arrived at 6pm and then an hour and a half later. There was approximately 10 minuets between each person as they came out of the ring after the fight.


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