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Reprinting the A2 Final Prints – Keeping the frames

I had my original 2 A2 final images of the boxer printed and framed with Snappy Snaps. The frames are still suitable for the exhibition but I was not happy with the final choice of print. I’ve decided to print them again at the print bureau which was my original plan that I proposed at the beginning. So that I would have a good choice of print quality this time round I decided to print on Semi – Gloss, Double Weight Matt and Neutral Matt. They will be ready by either Friday afternoon or Monday morning.


My prints were ready on Friday afternoon which was one thing that went right for me on Friday. It defiantly helped the stressful day of my stolen Blurb books. I am happy with all of the prints but like the heavy weight matt and the semi – gloss the best but for different reasons. The heavy weight matt print gives a nice soft finish and is pleasant to the touch although the semi – gloss print does show off the image in a better light as the colours are more vibrant and make the overall photograph a stronger piece to view. The two Semi – gloss prints work best out of all 3 diptychs.

Semi – Gloss

Double Weight Matt

Neutral Matt

Comparing the different print papers


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