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Blurb Books Stolen

On Thursday 17th at 17:11 my Blurb books were carelessly left at the front door by a UPS delivery driver and as a result they have been stolen. I stayed in uni till late on Thursday and did not get home till 10pm so that’s enough time for a package to be picked up by a passer by as I live on a main road. I’m distraught. Yesterday from 9 -5 I called UPS 4 times to try and resulve the issue and find out exactly why my package was left without a signature needed or even a note through the door.


I have been in touch with UPS many times on Monday 21st. After they raised the formal investigation they discovered who the driver was and they have proof that he did leave my package on the doorstep without consideration of what might happen to it and as a result is no longer working for UPS. From UPS’s side there is nothing more they can do to help me as Blurb need to put in a formal complaint from his side and then my books can be reprinted and sent to me. I have had many emails back and forth with Blurb but nothing seams to be getting resolved. His last email said that he had contacted UPS and they said that nothing came about from his search.


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