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Another day spent on phones

Today has been spent desperately trying to get a new book printed from John e Wright Printers. First I called the Leicester branch as I thought thats there the printers were but they informed me that it was in fact the Nottingham that print everything. After speaking with the Coventry branch they originally told me that they would forward my email with the pre made pdf of the cover and inner pages (from Lightroom) and that they would be able to have it in the store by tomorrow which would have been perfect. After many phone calls and emails to the Nottingham branch my order has finally been put through and now my book will be sent by currier and fingers crossed will be with me by Wednesday Midday.

Update on the blurb books… Many emails back and forth to Blurb and many phone calls to UPS. UPS have informed me that after a formal investigation that was placed on Friday, they have now clearly identified that my package was carelessly misplaced and have reported it as missing. I have also been informed that the driver that delivered my books has now lost his job due to it.
I have had regular emails with Blurb in the Netherlands but they do not seam to understand that they themselves need to get in touch with UPS before I can have more books printed and sent to me. This seams to be an ongoing battle and I’m started to feel very drained. I’m not sure if they will even be able to send me a new set at all. On a possitive note I look forward to the new book arriving from Nottingham. This one book is costing the same as the two blurb books together but I know the quality is great and exhibition standard so should be worth it.


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