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Degree Show Involvement – Coventry and London

My main involvement has been with the degree show in Farringdon which will be held from Monday 18th June until Sunday 24th June. My main role to begin with was the Gallery Venue Liaison: We originally had 10 people out of 21 that chose to have another exhibition in a major city so as a group we chose London. I called Free Range which is a warehouse that once a year for 6 weeks is a gallery for graduates and is a showcase of fashion, art, design, photography, motion arts, interior and architecture. I spoke with Tamsin O’Hanlon numerous occasions on the phone and by email and arranged a meeting for the group in London to view the spaces available.

I kept notes with facts and figures from the meeting and took photographs of the gallery for those that were not able to travel to London on that day. After careful consideration we decided as a group to not exhibit our work with Free Range; mainly because by that time it was harder for Tamsin to accommodate a group of 9 into a space and thus the funds needed were growing. We chose to continue to look elsewhere for another gallery which would be a showcase of our work alone. I began ringing other galleries with the help of another member in the group and eventually arranged a viewing for Blackall Studios in Shoreditch for the 12th November. The other member of the group called and arranged a meeting for Free Range gallery in Farringdon for the same day. After both viewings we decided to go with Frameless gallery, mainly because it was cheaper. I personally preferred Blackall studios as it is a much larger space for viewing work and better for a private view to accommodate many people.
After the decision was taken, I devoted my time to advertising both the London and Coventry exhibition. I took minuets at the fortnightly meetings we had and made sure that those people that were not present that day were informed on what had been said and organised that day. I am currently organising the food and drink that will be needed for the private view on Monday 18th June and will purchase that next week with the help of another member in the group. The final role I have taken on with the London exhibition is organising a rota for looking after the show over the course of the 6 days it will be open to the public. The gallery will always have at least one photographer present (with the owner) and if possible two. I have already offered to take on more shifts as I have a place to stay for that week that is only 40 minuets away from the gallery.

I will continue to advertise on Twitter, Facebook and verbally (which I feel is most important as it is much more personal) but the social networking sites can reach more people and quickly. The Coventry Exhibition which is still on is currently a success and hopefully the Exhibition in London will be an even bigger success.


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